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     Unfortunately, from time to time, our competitors feel threatened when we introduce the Phoenix product into a new market area. This happened recently in Minnesota and Wisconsin when an organ committee chose the Phoenix product over the companies who typically market in this region. Integrity OrganWerks and Phoenix Organs experienced a terrible backlash from competing companies as we moved our marketing forward in this part of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Accusations of defamation and threats of lawsuits were the result of an organist stating his reasons for choosing the Phoenix product over others.  

     Regretfully, in an effort to make Integrity OrganWerks and Phoenix Organs look bad, another company has taken defamation of product to a completely new level. They have created an "informational" website ( to show how "bad" every other (but particularly Phoenix) organ company is. Please be advised, concerning the pictures on this website, they are not of current Phoenix product, nor are they of Phoenix Product made or sold in North America. Statements made on the website are also only the opinion of a competitor. If you would truly like to see what a Phoenix instrument looks like and how it is made, please contact the Phoenix Organ company or a Phoenix dealer - we have nothing to hide!

     Everything aside, it has been inspiring to see and hear from so many who have viewed and see through it for what it really is . . . 

Best Regards!

Integrity OrganWerks, Inc

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